Thursday, May 20, 2010

Young Adult Fiction 5/19/2010

The Clock Without a Face

by Scott Teplin, Mac Barnett, and Eli Horowitz

"This much is true: twelve emerald-studded numbers, each handmade and one of a kind, have been buried in twelve holes, strewn across the country. These treasures will belong to whoever finds them first. The clues to their locations lurk within these thirteen floors." Thus states the back of The Clock Without a Face. This is a extremely interesting and unusual book. The reader is asked to, along with the two main characters, solve the mystery of who stole twelve emerald-encrusted numbers of a clock held on the thirteenth floor of an apartment building. Each new page includes an interview with the tenants of each floor, along with a drawing of their floor. With both the drawings and the text, the reader is then asked to solve the mystery! When the mystery is solved (and yes, the answer is given) a new mystery begins: where are the numbers buried? Each floor has clues within the drawings as to the real location of the buried numbers. And so begins a second (and much more difficult) adventure.

This book is extremely fun. While it can be read and solved in one sitting, the second mystery as to where the numbers are located is much more difficult. What is so interesting is that there are real numbers buried all around the United States. So, if the reader dares, she or he can go on a treasure hunt with The Clock Without a Face as a guide. Become one of the first to find the numbers' locations!

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