Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Children's Illustrated 5/10/2010

Children's Illustrated:

Phileas's Fortune by Valeria Docampo

Phileas's Fortune is the tale of a strange place where words are made in factory and sold in stores. In order to speak, one must buy or find words and swallow them. Phileas cannot afford expensive words, but he saves up three words to give as a gift to Cybele, his neighbor, to explain how he feels to her. When he gets there, he sees Oscar telling Cybele that he loves her with all of his heart. Can Phileas explain his feelings in three small words?

This book is a great book about self-expression. It teaches that it is not necessarily words that matter, but how one uses them. It is a simple book with wonderful illustrations by Agnes de Lestrade. I loved it!

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