Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children's Illustrated 5/17/2010

The Shy Little Kitten

by Cathleen Schurr and Gustav Tenggren

The Shy Little Kitten is a Little Golden Book classic about, well, a shy little kitten. The shy little kitten had five black-and-white bold siblings, but she was striped and shy. When the family goes on a walk outside of the barn, the shy little kitten slowly walked at the back of the line, and ended up losing her family. In her trip back home, the shy little kitten ends up meeting a ton of new friends!

This is a book straight out of my childhood. Before I could read myself, my mom would read this book to me. I loved it so much that one of my first stuffed animals, a striped kitten, was dubbed Shy. The Shy Little Kitten is a great story about how even those who are shy can make new friends.

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