Monday, October 11, 2010

Staff Pick: Christie

Travels With Charley

By John Steinbeck

I was into this book on the first page. So much so that I typed out the first three paragraphs during a Skype conversation with my friend who lives in Serbia. She thought the beginning was wonderful as well.

Travels with Charley is exactly what it sounds like. John Steinbeck decides to go on a cross country trip with his dog Charley in order to rediscover America. It gives beautiful descriptions of all parts of America during the early 1960s. Overall, this book just gave me the same sort of wanderlust that Steinbeck seemed to have.

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  1. I read it. I liked it. It peters out a bit as he drives home from California and it doesn't have the bite of, say Blue Highways or North Country, but it put me back in mind of what a great writer Steinbeck is. If you haven't re-read Cannery Row or Sea of Cortez in the past five years, go out and re-read 'em.

    Chip Quinn