Thursday, September 16, 2010

Young Adult Fiction 9/15/2010


by Ingrid Law

Mibs (short for Mississippi) has an unusual family. On each child's 13th birthday, they discover their savvy, that is, their special gift. One of her older brothers caused a hurricane on his 13th birthday and her mother's savvy is that she is absolutely perfect at everything. Mibs' 13th birthday is coming up but right before she finds out her savvy, her father (who is normal) gets in a terrible accident. Mibs (along with her brothers and new friends) decide to go on a long journey to reach her father and hopefully save him with her savvy.

Savvy is definitely a unique book. Ingrid Law uses "magic" without the story seeming too fantastical or unbelievable. Deep down, Savvy is really the tale of a girl growing up and learning about herself, along with learning about her special abilities. It's not shocking at all that this is on Oprah's Book Club Kids Reading List.

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  1. Sounds exceedingly interesting. Apparently we hunger for a spiritual dimension and for recognition as humans because our "American Dream" does not satisfy.

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